Cold Mountain (Paper 2)

Cold Mountain (Paper 2) - Paul Markakis AP English Period 6...

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Paul Markakis AP English Period 6 Cold Mountain Throughout Cold Mountain, author Charles Frazier used overly descriptive passages to suggest a meaning much deeper than that which the passages seemed to be about. One such occurrence was towards the beginning of the chapter entitled “the doing of it.” In this chapter, Inman was wandering through a forest when he came across an old woman. She was “a pinched-off little scrag of a person hunkered down under a big hemlock.” The hemlock tree is symbolic of family 1 , making it an appropriate tree for this old woman to be “hunkered down” underneath. The huge tree towered over the woman, suggesting that her family had belittled and deserted her. It was later revealed during her conversation with Inman that her father sold her to a neighbor who would most likely have worked her to the point of death. This was also the first connection Frazier drew between the woman and Ruby; Ruby had also been deserted by her family. Both this woman and Ruby were betrayed by their fathers and ended up living nomadic lives for a period of time. Frazier continued describing the woman as “squatting to bait … a bird trap with a suet gob.” This was immediately reminiscent of Ruby preparing the trap near the cornfields to stop the corn from being stolen. After finishing baiting, the woman “stood and walked around and around the trap, examining it until there was a perfect circle beat into the ferns.” This moment reminded me of Frazier’s description of Ruby checking the trap after placing it and instructing
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Cold Mountain (Paper 2) - Paul Markakis AP English Period 6...

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