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People - ultimate source of religious beliefs built the...

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People Al-Mansur – Second Abbasid Caliph 712 - 755, round city of peace in Bagdad 762 -766 4 entrances to the cardinal directions Outer wall and main wall fortified the city Al-Mu’tasim – Abbasid Caliph, moved the capital city to Samarra because of increasing riots in Bagdad Al-Mutawakkil – Caliph who ruled in Samara from 847 – 861, claimed the Koran to be the
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Unformatted text preview: ultimate source of religious beliefs, built the Great Mosque of Samara Minaret and Mihrab on visual axis Constructed of mud bricks Glass Mosaics Spiral Minaret 55 meters high (similar to tower of Babble, b/c they made it so large) Aghlabids – Faithful Abbasid governors of Tunisia...
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