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GEOG103-spring2010-finalreview - GEOG 103 Short...

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GEOG 103 Short Exam/Quiz #1 (Introduction) 1. An example of a formal region is A. the trade area of St. Louis, Missouri B. 25 square kilometers. C. Dixie. D. the area of France where the Breton language is spoken. 2. Absolute location A. is an abstract concept unrelated to real-world circumstances. B. is a temporary and changing characteristic of place. C. cannot be defined with precision in a world of relative spatial relationships. D. is a precise position on the surface of the globe. 3. Globalization implies 4. Which one of the following best identifies the cultural landscape? 5. List the two broad categories (sub-disciplines) of Geography I._____________________ II._____________________ GEOGRAPHY 103- Short Exam (Ch.2&3) 1. Every projection has some degree of distortion because A. a curved surface cannot be represented on a flat surface without distortion. B. parallels and meridians never cross at right angles on a globe. C. the grid system is two-dimensional but the earth is three-dimensional. D. a sphere is a developable surface.
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2. Which one of the following correctly lists the four main properties of maps? 3. Which of the following is the largest scale? A. 1 : 8,000 B. 1 : 24,000 C. 1 : 50,000 D. 1 : 63,360 4. A contour interval 5. Earthquakes result from movement associated with 6. The Ridge and Valley region of Pennsylvania is a result of folding. True False 7. What is the name of the ancient landmass that comprised all existing continents connected together before it broke apart about 200 million years ago? (2 pts.) 8. A zone of subduction is associated with the occurrence of
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GEOG103-spring2010-finalreview - GEOG 103 Short...

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