Lecture 3 SPS 11held

Lecture 3 SPS 11held - Deductionisaproof,...

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2/2/2011 1 P Fli f i t i i d thSt t i St t Poppers Falsificationism and the Systematic Status Demarcation Criterion 1 Deduction and induction Deduction is a proof, in syllogistic or modern logic. From general statement to statement with less or equal content. No increase in content For checking consistency of our beliefs. Inductive inference: Is there an equally reliable strategy that leads from evidence (data) to general statements (laws)? Bacon sketched an inductive method. Newton believed that he had inductively gained his laws. Hume’s skeptical conclusion: just psychological association. 2 Popper’s dissolution of the problem of induction Sir Karl Popper (1902 1994): Die Logik der Forschung (1934) (The Logic of Scientific Research) We cannot find a way to justify inductive inference because inductive inference isn't justified. Deductively valid inference is the only rational mode of inference there is. Contrary to appearances, the scientific method is not based on induction. So what it is about in the end? 3 The demarcation problem Distinguish science from bad science and from pseudo science. This has consequences: Fringe critics vs. still not fully reliable results in global warming. Theories about AIDS in South Africa that were concocted to prevent adopting certain measures. Creation science as a strategy to turn religious view about creation into a scientific alternative that can be taught in school.
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Lecture 3 SPS 11held - Deductionisaproof,...

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