Muhammad 'Ali's Tax Inspectors

Muhammad 'Ali's Tax Inspectors - Muhammad `Ali's Tax...

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Unformatted text preview: Muhammad `Ali's Tax Inspectors from Chronicles of al-Jabarti Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti cajaib al-athar f-il-tarajim w-al- akhbar, Cairo 1297/1879 IV, 93-94,141-142, 154, 183, 208-209). And in [1809] they began to prepare a register for the taking of half the yield from the multazim and another for the imposition of taxes on produce of waqf devoted to mosques, foundations, alms, and charitable works. . . Proclamations were despatched to the villages and countryside and officials were sent by the various provincial governors with power to investigate the property belonging to mosques or used for charitable works. Each person controlling such land was ordered to present his title deed to the central government office and replace it with a new one; a delay of forty days was allowed for this, after which the title of the property could be taken away and given to another person. The pretext used in the proclamation was one which had never been advanced before, that when a sultan died or was deposed his orders and decrees ceased to be valid, and that the same applied...
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Muhammad 'Ali's Tax Inspectors - Muhammad `Ali's Tax...

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