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Script Analysis-The Proposal 1. Page 145 Where in Lomov’s introductory speech does Chubukov come to believe Lomov wants money? 2. What is Lomov’s first obstacle? (remember his main goal) 3. P146,147 What 2 things is Lomov doing—could they be the same immediate goal? 4. What time of day is it? How do you know? 5. When does Natalia notice Lomov’s clothes? 6. The actor playing Lomov must decide why he doesn’t just come out and propose. What do you think the reason is (does the script support your choice?)
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Unformatted text preview: 7. P148 Come up with three different action goals for Lomov’s speech which starts with “But you can see from…”. 8. P149 What happens—how many times does Lomov change action goals, immediate goal? 9. P149 When does Lomov start shouting? 10. P150 How does Chubukov’s entrance change Natalia and Lomov- their immediate goals? 11. P152 What is the discovery and what changes? 12. P156 What do we know about Lomov’s state based on the text?...
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