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CLASS: SECTION: Introduction and Contact Information - Please Print CLEARLY: Last Name: Cardona First: Samir MI:____ Name you wish to be called: Sam E-mail: [email protected] Do you check it regularly? Yes Best Telephone # 16096171912 Student ID 138003249 Major and Option Undecided Career Goals (at this time) Medicine ______________________________________________________________________________________ What do you hope to gain from this course? An understanding of the business world in the United States ______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _ What might I as your instructor do that might help you to attain your objective(s) in this course? Help me learn about different types of business and which ones are the most successful ________________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: What will you do to insure that you attain your objectives for this course? Come to class and study as much as i can. ________________________________________________________________________ One of my goals is to get to know the students in class. Therefore to the degree you feel comfortable, 1. please describe any distinguishing characteristics that will help me learn your name and recognize you when I see you in or out of class and 2. share with me a few of those things (e.g., thoughts, experiences, at-tributes, etc.) that make you special and the unique person that you are! _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _ _______________________________________________________________________ _...
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