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ChE 200 Lecture Schedule Fall 2010 Rev 1

ChE 200 Lecture Schedule Fall 2010 Rev 1 - October 13...

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P URDUE U NIVERSITY School of Chemical Engineering ChE 200 Fall 2010 Wednesday, 4:30 - 5:20pm, Forney G140 Lecture Schedule Date Lecture Topic Speaker(s) August 25 Course Introduction Mrs. Linda Davis Welcome and State of the School Professor Arvind Varma, ChE September 1 Job Search Introduction Mrs. Linda Davis Mr. Bob Davis, ENE September 8 Co-Op, Internship and Study Students Abroad Opportunities Mrs. Linda Davis Professor Jim Litster, ChE and IPP September 15 Industrial Roundtable – No Class September 22 ChE Curriculum, Options, Electives, Professor David Corti, ChE Honors and Undergraduate Research Mrs. Veronica Schirm, ChE September 29 Chemical Engineering Information Resources Professor Jeremy Garritano M. G. Mellon Library of Chemistry October 6 Introduction to Safety Ms. Deborah L. Grubbe, PE, CEng. Operations and Safety Solutions, LLC
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Unformatted text preview: October 13 Career Choices for Chemical Engineers Ms. Ronna Robertson Roquette America, Inc. October 20 Myers Briggs Type Personality Indicator* Mrs. Linden Petrin, CCO October 27 Career Choices for Chemical Engineers Dr. Shekar Shetty Air Liquide November 3 Research Opportunities for Undergraduates Professor Steve Beaudoin, ChE November 10 Diversity – Gender Differences Mr. Christopher Munt Purdue Diversity Resource Office November 17 Learning Styles Inventory and Professor Phil Wankat, ChE and ENE Time Management* November 24 Thanksgiving week – No class December 1 Stress Management Ms. Emily Haas Purdue Student Wellness Office December 8 Semester Wrap-up, Survey and Mrs. Linda Davis Course Evaluation *Class pre-work required....
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