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Purdue University Code of Honor

Purdue University Code of Honor - in accordance with the...

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Purdue University Code of Honor (Available at: http://www.purdue.edu/univregs/pages/stu_conduct/code_of_honor.html ) Part 5: Section II — Purdue University Code of Honor (From Vice President and Treasurer Memo A-16. Board of Trustees, April 30, 1970. Revised by the January 9, 1975, July 10, May 31, 1997.) The purpose of the Purdue University academic community is to search for truth and to endeavor to communicate with each other. Self- discipline and a sense of social obligation within each individual are necessary for the fulfillment of these goals. It is the responsibility of all  Purdue students to live by this code, not out of fear of the consequences of its violation, but out of personal self-respect. As human beings we  are obliged to conduct ourselves with high integrity. As members of the civil community we have to conduct ourselves as responsible citizens 
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Unformatted text preview: in accordance with the rules and regulations governing all residents of the state of Indiana and of the local community. As members of the Purdue University community, we have the responsibility to observe all University regulations. To foster a climate of trust and high standards of academic achievement, Purdue University is committed to cultivating academic integrity and expects students to exhibit the highest standards of honor in their scholastic endeavors. Academic integrity is essential to the success of Purdue University’s mission. As members of the academic community, our foremost interest is toward achieving noble educational goals and our foremost responsibility is to ensure that academic honesty prevails....
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