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ENGR 12600 - LAB 12 ASSIGNMENT April 2 - 3, 2009 Learning Objectives: Completion of this week's lab will enable you to: Construct loop structures Check Your Grades At the start of each lab, check your grades on Blackboard. Contact your TA if you spot any problems with your posted grades. Lab Completion This lab consists of four tasks. Note that the TA's will not answer individual questions; they will only answer questions for which the team as a whole cannot find an answer. This mode of operation is designed to foster team interdependence. We want you
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Unformatted text preview: to learn to rely on your peers first and the instructional team second. This has a three-fold purpose. First, you are likely to get your questions answered more quickly. Second, you will learn more by trying to discover the answers yourselves. Third, students who know the answers will increase their understanding of the material by having to explain it to others. The following assignment is due at the start of lab next week: Homework 12 (found under Homework on the ENGR 126 homepage)...
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