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ENGR 12600 – Spring 2009 MEA 2A Laboratory 8 Model-Eliciting Activity (MEA) 2 - Part A Just-In-Time Manufacturing - Individual Activity 1. Individually read the company profile and CEO request below . Company Profile – D. Dalton Technologies The Bowman and Ceramica Divisions of D. Dalton Technologies develop advanced piezoceramics and custom-made ultrasonic transducers. D. Dalton Technologies (DDT) was founded in 2000 to advance the ultrasound field using piezoelectric materials. DDT acquired Bowman Transducers, a company that is well known for producing innovative transducers, and Ceramica, a manufacturer of piezoelectric ceramic materials located in Noblesville, Indiana. These companies were purchased in the summer of 2001 and have each been strengthened by the addition of high-tech equipment and an increase in the number of amply qualified engineers. DDT is the up-and-coming premier supplier of top-quality transducers in the United States. Through the improved vision of D. Dalton Technologies, Ceramica is broadening its line of piezoelectric materials. Piezoelectric materials convert electrical signals into a mechanical response (as in a speaker) or mechanical signals into an electrical response (as in a microphone). Most piezoelectric materials are compounds of metals and oxides that require precise processing conditions to produce optimum properties. Presently, Ceramica's primary focus is on the expansion of the composite materials product line. Several applications are now under active development with current and potential Ceramica customers. Ceramica is developing a new line of materials that will withstand high temperatures and still retain their polarization. This is an example of one of the exciting new projects in the works for Ceramica. Bowman, located in Delphi, Indiana, is also benefiting from the direction and the investment of D. Dalton Technologies. Bowman has added additional transducer design professionals to its engineering staff. Transducers are devices that convert one form of energy into another. The diverse customers of Bowman want custom transducers for products such as sensors that monitor oil well drilling tips, medical instruments such as diagnostic imaging ultrasound, discs for accelerated bone healing and devices for intravascular procedures, and in-home electronic gadgets such as telephones and stereo equipment. Bowman takes extra care to create custom transducers that fit the needs of each of its clients. D. Dalton Technologies, together with Ceramica and Bowman Transducers, is ready to design and manufacture transducers to fit your specific needs. D. Dalton Technologies understands that progress is made not only by taking advantage of the latest in technical innovations, but also adhering to the best of the "tried and true". Therefore, it is the goal of the company to provide
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lab8tasks_jitmanufacturing_s09 - ENGR 12600 Spring 2009...

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