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Homework 2. 1. Take a cubic piece of metal with a side length l o and deform it plastically to the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped of dimensions l 1 , l 2 , and l 3 . Assuming that the material is rigid and perfectly plastic, show that volume constancy requires that the following expression be satisfied: ε 1 + ε 2 + ε 3 = 0. (2’) 2. The following data are taken from a stainless steel tension-test specimen: (4’) Also, A o = 0.056 in 2 , A f = 0.016 in 2 , l o = 2in. Plot the true stress-true strain curve for the material. 3. What are the properties commonly associated with metallic materials, ceramic materials and plastic materials respectively? (3’) 4. You are given the K and n values of two different materials. Is this information sufficient to
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