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Homework 3 - 6 Describe the difference between age...

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IE370 Homework 3 Due Name 1. What is a stoichiometric intermetallic compound, and how would it appear in a temperature-composition phase diagram? How would a nonstoichiometric intermetallic compound appear? (2’) 2. Describe the relative ability of iron to dissolve carbon in solution when in the form of austenite ( the elevated temperature phase) and when in the form of ferrite at room temperature (2’) 3. What is pearlite? Describe its structure, and element composition (Fe and C), and compositions of each of the two phases. (2’) 4. What is a hypoeutectoid steel, and what structure will it assume upon slow cooling? What is a hypereutectoid steel and how will its structure differ from that of a hypoeutecoid? (2’) 5. Describe the following strengthening mechanisms: 1. Strain hardening, 2. Precipitation heardening, 3. Solid Solution hardening, 4. Grain size refinement. 5. phase transformation.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Describe the difference between age hardening in nonferrous metals and martensite tempering in steels. 7. Identify the important reasons why metals are annealed. 8. Define precipitation hardening ? 9. Explain the difference between hardness and hardenability. 10. Describe the phases resulting from cooling along A, B, C, D lines in the CCT diagram of steel. Calculation: 1. For an alloy containing 50% Cu and 50% Ni, calculate the amounts of solid S and liquid L presents at 1300C. Show that the total nickel content in the solid and liquid phases adds up to 50%. (5’) 2. Calculate the relative proportions of phases in Cu-Ag alloy of eutectic composition, just below the eutectic temperature. During the cooling of an Alloy (Cu 80% Ag 20%) from 1100C to 600C, describe each phase transitions, the temperature for starting each phase transformation. (6’)...
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  • Spring '08
  • Chunghorng,R
  • Stoichiometric intermetallic compound, temperature-composition phase diagram, elevated temperature phase

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Homework 3 - 6 Describe the difference between age...

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