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Homework 4 - calculation 8 The total solidification times...

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Homework 4 (due Feb. 22 th ) 1. Describe the four basic families of shape production processes. 2. Describe the six steps of metal casting. 3. Describe the difference between expandable mold and permanent mold. What are they generally made of respectively? 4. Explain why directional solidification is very important for casting. 5. Describe the difference between casting of pure metal and binary alloy, in term of casting microstructure and chemical composition. 6. What are some of the typical production shapes that are produced by the extrusion of plastics? 7. Discuss the roles of casting volume and surface area as they relate to the total solidification time and Chvorinov’s rule. For a cubic and a sphere of the same volume, which one would have the higher total solidification time? Prove with
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Unformatted text preview: calculation. 8. The total solidification times of three casting shapes are to be compared: (1) a sphere with diameter = 10 cm, (2) a cylinder with diameter and length both = 10 cm, and (3) a cube with each side = 10 cm. The same casting alloy is used in the three cases. (a) Determine the relative solidification times for each geometry. (b) Based on the results of part (a), which geometric element would make the best riser? (c) If Cm = 3.5 min/cm2 in Chvorinov's Rule, compute the total solidification time for each casting. 9. What is the composition in the center of the casting of a Cu-Ni alloy when cooling along the line in the figure? (Cu rich or Ni rich) Please explain why?...
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Homework 4 - calculation 8 The total solidification times...

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