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IE332 Frequently asked questions 1. I was sick and missed class/missed quiz, can I be excused? We are sorry to learn about your health problem and wish you speedy recovery. Indeed, your good health is most important. The purpose of quizzes is your review of recently learned materials. If you missed it, make sure you review it well. At the end of the semester, we will drop one or two missed quizzes for everyone, for reasons similar to yours. So in your case, you do not have to worry for missing that single quiz. We all realize, however, that a student missing too many quizzes, even if for justified reasons, must
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Unformatted text preview: have missed too many classes. 2. I was fortunate to have job interviews and had to miss a lab. Can I submit the lab report later and be excused? Please re-read the class syllabus and review the first class notes for the policies we must follow. Lab attendance is mandatory (see syllabus and class notes). If you submit the lab report within one day and it indicates you have learned the lab materials it is marked as 0+ (not excused but considered)....
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