HW1 Sp 12 - IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering...

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IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering Spring 2012 1 Homework No. 1 Due Date: Monday, January 23, 2012 Reading: Chapters 1 and 2; Review: TG 1. (1) Knowledge Questions: Know the answers, but do not submit through BB (BlackBoard.) Your answers will be based on your reading, review, and class discussions. a) Your family has asked you for ideas to improve their medical clinic operations, making it more efficient while improving customer service. Describe at least three types of business/work processes that a medical clinic would have. Can any of them be better managed by using information systems? b) Understand the difference between: Data; information; knowledge; wisdom. Illustrate for airport facility design. c) Understand the role of different IT solutions for different levels of an organization (Figs. 1.2; 2.1) and for interactions among organizations (Figs. 1.3; 2.2). d) What is the relation between CAD, CAE and PLM? In which functions are they different? The same? e) What is Concurrent Design? What are some of the main economic and social reasons for it? How does computing enable it? Could it occur without computing? f) After reviewing TG1 (pp. 420-449), know the 10 questions and answers in the summary (pp. 445-7) and: (i) Identify the types of primary memory. (ii) What is the purpose of secondary memory? (iii) Explain three strategic issues that link computer hardware design to an organization’s strategy. (iv) Why should microprocessor speed be faster? (Explain at least 5 reasons.) g) Test and brush-up your knowledge of computer hardware basics…Answer the brief questions at the end of each section in TG1, and at the end of this handout. (No need to submit, just inform your friends.) h) Optional (meaning, it will not appear in your exams): Review TG3, Protecting Your
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HW1 Sp 12 - IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering...

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