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Contents of Health Care Insurance Policies Identification of insured persons Location Preexisting conditions Cancellation options Determinants of unreimbursed medical expenses Deductible Contents of Health Care Insurance Policies (cont'd) Coinsurance Stop loss provisions Coverage limits Coordination of benefits Rehabilitation Mental illness Pregnancy Renewability options Contents of Health Care Insurance Policies (cont'd) Maintaining private health care insurance coverage COBRA allows continuation of coverage provided through an employer’s plan for 18 months HIPPA prohibits insurance companies from denying health insurance coverage based on applicant’s health status, medical history, previous claims, or disability
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Unformatted text preview: • Contents of Health Care Insurance Policies (cont'd) • Expenses not covered by private insurance plans should be included in your budget Flexible spending account: account established by the employer for the employee to use pretax income to pay for medical expenses Funds cannot roll over into the next year • Government Health Care Plans • Medicare Provides health insurance to people over age 65 Part A covers inpatient care in hospitals or nursing facilities and some home health Part B is optional coverage Part C is a combination of Part A and Part B provided through private insurance companies Part D provides coverage for prescription drugs...
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