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Private Health Insurance Preferred provider organization (PPO): a health insurance plan that allows individuals to select a health care provider and covers most of the fees for services Discount on charge arrangement: an arrangement in which the preferred provider organization agrees to pay a specific percentage of the health care provider’s charges Per diem rate arrangement: an arrangement in which the preferred provider organization pays the provider a specific sum per day a patient is hospitalized Private Health Insurance Premiums for private health care insurance Employers may offer individual or family coverage You can obtain insurance quotes online Comparison of private health
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Unformatted text preview: insurance plans Tradeoff between flexibility and premium Individual insurance For self-employed people or those whose employers do not provide health insurance Make sure to get a policy that provides broad coverage of major medical expenses Short-term medical insurance is available for those who are not in a group plan but hope to be in the future Financial Planning Online: Should You Enroll in an HMO or a PPO? Go to: Click on: PPO Plans and HMO Plans under Types of Health Plans This Web site provides information on different types of plans including PPOs and HMOs...
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