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Financial Planning Online: Purchasing Homeowner’s Insurance Go to: This Web site provides answers to many important questions concerning homeowner insurance. Filing a Claim Contact insurance company immediately if damage occurs Claims adjuster estimates damage Present your home inventory Get an independent estimate Appeal low estimates by insurance company Renter’s Insurance Renter’s insurance: an insurance policy that protects your possessions within a house, condo, or apartment that you are renting Renter’s insurance policy provisions Specifies maximum coverage for personal assets Also covers liability from damages to a person on your property
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Unformatted text preview: Financial Planning Online: Renter’s Insurance Quotation Go to: This Web site provides online quotes for renter’s insurance Umbrella Personal Liability Policy Umbrella personal liability policy: a supplement to auto and homeowner’s insurance that provides additional personal liability coverage Especially important for wealthy people Must show proof of existing coverage How Home and Auto Insurance Fits within Your Financial Plan Key decisions about car and homeowner’s, insurance for your financial plan are: Do you have adequate insurance to protect your wealth? How much insurance should you plan to have in the future?...
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