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Auto Insurance Coverage B: Medical Payments Coverage: insures against the cost of medical care for you and other passengers in your car when you are at fault in an accident Applies only to insured car Auto Insurance Coverage C: Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage Uninsured motorist coverage: insures against the cost of bodily injury when an accident is caused by another driver who is not insured Underinsured motorist coverage: insures against bodily injury and drivers who have insufficient coverage Auto Insurance Coverage D: Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Collision insurance: insures against costs of damage to your car resulting from an accident in which the policy holder is at fault Comprehensive coverage: insures you against damage to your car that results from floods, theft,
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Unformatted text preview: fire, hail, explosions, riots and various other events Auto Insurance Deductible: a set dollar amount that you are responsible for paying before any coverage is provided by your insurer Other provisions are available for an additional premium Summary of auto insurance provisions Contained in standard insurance policy Expenses incurred by auto insurance companies cover claims and lawyers’ fees Financial Planning Online: How Much Car Insurance Do You Need? Go to: id=SFhsNm9oeomvmNwHGJHRE3BW8O8&page=/gic/auto/estimator/default.htj This Web site provides a recommendation on the amount of car insurance coverage that is appropriate for you...
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