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Go to: net/time-to-pay-debt.html This Web site provides estimates of the time it will take to pay off your credit cards utilizing different monthly payments Credit Repair Kit If you find yourself with excessive credit card debt Spend as little as possible Consider ways to increase income Borrow from a family member Get a debt consolidation loan Sell assets for cash Reduce everyday expenses Credit Repair Kit (cont’d) Personal bankruptcy: a plan to the court in which you repay at least a portion of
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Unformatted text preview: your debt and pay attorney and filing fees Chapter 7 allows the discharge of almost all debts, but also have to surrender assets to pay debt Chapter 13 allows you to keep your assets, but the court takes control of your finances and devises a 3–5 year repayment plan • How Credit Management Fits Within Your Financial Plan • Key credit management decisions for your financial plan are: What limit should you impose on your credit card? When should you use credit?...
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