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cbems 45b notes 19 - 1 thaw whim 0Q EMA/cm C7€m MM View...

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Unformatted text preview: 1, thaw whim 0Q EMA/cm C7€m MM View 6& @wfi, a?“ WW Cl “ewe/5 4kg Egg/“6M M” Dodvc/ 03V WLHLKA CR \flGLWe/S db J \ A—QQQVQ («L LAVA/«Ck Q Lg fiflqe/GJ‘LM PM he 3%QIL6W7 d JZCE Q: U 4 LM>L€ +bf> \Le/m, m: 3<\’¥€, \xfirrA {KHAN/LBJ Emaaflkj /~* ¥me¥kc “CA/x. Wm \/<\ kka 1 Wj/Ufl 0Q; M Ll" '4 )VKQ. POWHMA {Mafia/Magi 5% 0' 1g Hm [ 1C 6. {ram x «0;ij e, cw» 3 WD ( 'H/w ‘, (j pQOPC/C c)“ Cflcxxvfig/Wg K2): 8“ 1 h :_ \A;.<L3L\+ 05v @6me WWI/$5 MAW/x wéz‘ggkfi- 3:0 \quE—Cm’i'xLL CE? "L k ”I \/ E :, (A % maL Wk «claw j 5%) MW (/3 ”6 {watt 54%; (% ”(2,01er ka— VJLVLZJK V¥ Liam/5:3 w xtkm/ a \‘ MASS VPLOVU em 3”) Cicchmm? mg amen“? %\ “KL/L: AL: +W\K MW) Ce muss This pencast was created with my Livescribe’” smartpen. Click here to see how to create your own. ...
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