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1 University of California, Irvine Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering CBEMS155/MAE156 FAM Winter 2012 Saturday, January 27 th Informal Discussion: Examples 1 1. CsCl is an ionic structure that has 8 ions of Cs + at the corner of a cube and one ion of Cl - in the center of the cube. The radius of Cs + is 0.169 nm and that of Cl - is 0.81nm. a. Determine the packing factor of the structure. b. Determine the density of CsCl if the atomic weights of Cs and Cl are 132.905 and 35.453,
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Unformatted text preview: respectively. 2. What are the planes and direction of maximum packing in FCC, BCC, and HCP? 3. What are the values of the Burgers vectors FCC, BCC, and HCP? 4. Show that the equation that gives the total stress in 3-D can provide the solution for 2-D; prove only for the stress normal to the x-plane. 3.Give two examples for each: (a) A tensor of the second rank (b) A tensor of the first rank (c) A tensor of zero rank What is the basis for the above classification?...
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