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CBEMS155-W12-Set# 2b - (c It is possible to have a strain...

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University of California, Irvine Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering CBEMS155/MAE156 FAM Winter 2012 Due: Friday, February 17 th (By 3:00 p.m.) Problem Set 2(b) 1. Problem 2.1 in the text 2, Problem 2.2 in the text 3. Problem 2.5 in the text 4. Problem 2.9 in the text 5. Problem 2.13 in the text 6. Problem 2.14 in the text 7. Problem 2.24 in the text 6. Explain why ? (a) It is possible to reduce 36 elastic constants to 21. (b) Orthorhombic structure has 9 elastic constants while cubic structure has 3.
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Unformatted text preview: (c) It is possible to have a strain produced without the application of a force along the direction of strain (d) Hydrostatic pressure does not produce shear strains. (e) Ceramics are porous. 7. What is the major difference(s) between? (a) Biaxial state of stress and triaxial state of stress (b) Elasticity in a metal and in a rubber (c) Plane strain and plane stress (d) Zero order tensor and first order tensor (e) The symmetry in cubic structure and tetragonal structure. 1...
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