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45B Homework #2 (Due 1/31/2012) 1. Problem 2.3 At high temperatures phosphine (PH 3 ) dissociates into phosphorus and hydrogen by the following reaction: 2 4 3 6 4 H P PH + At 800 the rate at which phosphine dissociates is 3 3 6 10 715 . 3 PH PH C dt dC - × - = for t in seconds. The reaction occurs in a constant-volume, 2-L vessel, and the initial concentration of phosphine is 5 kmol/m 3 . (a). If 3 mol of the phosphine reacts, how much phosphorus and hydrogen is produced? (b). Develop expressions for the number of moles of phosphine, phosphorus,
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Unformatted text preview: and hydrogen present at any time, and determine how long it would take for 3 mol of phosphine to have reacted. 2. Write down the general equation of energy balance in differential form on mass basis and molar basis, respectively. Please explain each term in the equation. 3. Write down the energy balance equation for: (a) a closed system; (b) an adiabatic process; (c) an open system at steady state. 4. What is enthalpy? How is it related to internal energy?...
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