Poloarity Project Assignment Michelle Bell

Poloarity Project Assignment Michelle Bell - Polarity...

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Polarity Project GB 500 Business Prospective Professor Thomas Boam Michelle Bell-Rodriguez November 8, 2011
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A polarity is, essentially, a problem that has no clear resolution. Polarities are rooted deep within the crux of any major organizational change scenario, with two sides being evident. On one side, the manager making the strategic decision has identified issues and has a vision and an initial plan for improvement and organizational change. On the other side, the potential progress that the manager proposes is restricted by barriers (company ideals and practices, strategic thinking, hierarchical politics etc.) that directly work in opposite of the proposed change. Much of the time, managing polarities involves a situation where you may find yourself trying to apply a particular solution to an issue, only to find yourself back to the beginning point of that same issue. This backwards thinking usually occurs when an individual views both parts of the issue separately. “For a polarity to be managed successfully, focus must be removed from one side of the argument and attention given to the other while remembering the allowance for the focus to shift back to the original side.” (Johnson 1992) What this means is that in order to find a plausible solution to your polarity issue, you must keep from focusing on the conflicting side of the issue as the
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Poloarity Project Assignment Michelle Bell - Polarity...

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