123B_1_EE 123B W11 changes to midterm exam

123B_1_EE 123B W11 changes to midterm exam - 3 a, b...

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Unformatted text preview: 3 a, b – derive equations considering all unique parameters 3c – only consider longitudinal modes Coupling constants – Ag ­Br: C011=20 N/m C001=32 N/m Ag–Ag: C011=44.7 N/m C001=50 N/m 3e – leave dispersion relationship as a function of frequency 3f, 3g – at BZ edge 4. not necessary – if you have already done this problem or you have the interest, submit your answer for extra credit. Due Saturday at noon – huffaker lab – 18 – 141 in Eng IV. ...
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