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Unformatted text preview: Jazzer Estrellanes BABA2A Econ1 Assignment 1.) People Face Tradeoffs. As a student, there are actually some situations in which we are forced to choose between two things, especially when time constraints are involved. For example, in a night before an examination, instead of studying two subjects, you would rather use the whole time to focus on one subject only, knowing that you might fail it once you didn’t exert more effort into it. 2.) The Cost of Something is What You Give Up to Get It. Being enrolled in the accountancy program, you must be aware of the hardships and consequences you must face in order to pass. This includes the time you must sacrifice into studying, the pressure of maintaining your grades, and also, the pressure of meeting other’s expectations. 3.) People Respond to Incentives. Students like me are actually fond of bonuses, especially when our grades are involved. So it follows that as bonuses shall be given to them, they would be using it as a motivation to do their tasks...
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