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BABA-1C Business Management: End-term case study no. 1 March 1, 2010 1.) Describe the structural problems H-P had. Most of Hewlett-Packard Company’s problems are primarily caused by their misleading organizational structure. Their organizational structure had dealt confusion, not only to the external environment (which refers to their customers), but at the inside of the company as well. Take for example the problem of their “25 top corporate customers.” According to them, they did not have any idea on who to call at H-P due to their confusing management layers. On the other hand, even the employees of H-P itself find it hard to report to their respective officers due to the same problem. It had caused them to spend more time in negotiating internal affairs, thus, having lesser time in dealing with customers. In other words, a non-organized organizational structure has affected both parties. 2.) How did Mark Hurd decide to address his company’s structural problems? What do you think of his changes? How do you think the company’s customers responded to these changes? How about the company’s executives and sales force? It actually took a long time before Hurd had defined the company’s “fundamental
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Jazzer Estrellanes BMGT - Jazzer Estrellanes &...

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