CMP 125 Points Baldwin Sonny

CMP 125 Points Baldwin Sonny - the brothers in this story...

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CMP 125 M. Amato Thinking/Talking/Writing Points Baldwin “Sonny’s Blues” This story is a parable about letting one’s brother be who he must be within the family and the community. 1. Listening plays an important function for Sonny and his brother. Cite specific examples of how they do or do not listen to each other. Find examples of how listening functions in the story as a whole. (Does listening concern only words?) 2. Baldwin refers to “…the darkness outside. ..” What does it mean for Sonny? For the older brother? For the mother and father? Find references to light and dark/darkness. For what might this be a metaphor in the story as a whole? 3. It has been suggested that the phrase “my brother’s keeper” has metaphorical significance in the context of the African American community. In what way? Although
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Unformatted text preview: the brothers in this story struggle with each other, the larger struggle is with forces beyond their control. Explain. 4. The older brother is cast in the role of his brother’s keeper. Is it fair to impose this role on a child? Why does the mother in “Sonny’s Blues” tell him the story of his father’s brother? What effect do you think it has? 5. Do you think that a sense of responsibility for one’s siblings limits the ability to see them as individuals, separate from oneself, or to allow them to be their own keeper? Have you experienced this your own life? How does this story illustrate this conflict and resolve it? 6. At the end of the story, how does the metaphor of music function as family? 2...
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CMP 125 Points Baldwin Sonny - the brothers in this story...

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