CMP 125 Points Dubus-Fat

CMP 125 Points Dubus-Fat - 4 Describe the conflict between...

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CMP 125 M. Amato Thinking/Talking/Writing Points Dubus “The Fat Girl Note the narrative technique of the story. It spans seventeen years beginning when Louise is nine, interspersing summary with detailed descriptions of crucial events in Louise’s life. 1. How do you view Louise? Do you think you judge her behavior based on your gender? Think of the ending and analyze how you feel about Louise: from fat to thin to fat; from socially isolated to marrying well to separation. 2. How does this story illustrate the American obsession with ideal body type? Find evidence. 3. What message does Louise’s mother give her concerning love, social approval and marriage? How does this differ from her father’s attitude? Find evidence.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Describe the conflict between Louise’s mother’s view of her and Louise’s view of herself. 5. What (or who) is the central emotional event in the story? (OVER) 2 6. What is the hidden emotional cost of losing weight and gaining her family’s approval as described in par. 21 (p. 82)? How does that foreshadow the end of the story? 7. How does Louise evaluate Richard’s acceptance and ultimate rejection of her? With whom does she compare it? 8. What is Richard’s tragic flaw? 9. Why does Louise return to being fat after presumably achieving the life she wanted? Is she happy? Find evidence to prove your answer. 10. What do you think is the universal message of the story? 3...
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CMP 125 Points Dubus-Fat - 4 Describe the conflict between...

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