CMP 125 Points Faulkner-Rose

CMP 125 Points Faulkner-Rose - 2. What voice is the story...

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CMP 125 M. Amato Thinking/Talking/Writing Points Faulkner “A Rose for Emily” Background : We are told in the introduction that William Faulkner is one of our most important writers and won the Nobel Prize in Literature. He lived in Mississippi and set many of his stories there in the 1930’s. As in the works of Flannery O’Connor, we find a mixture of the grotesque, tragic and humorous, all very much in the Southern tradition. 1. Faulkner’s stories rely on an understanding of their time and place. Find examples in the text of the era in which it took place, reliance on social hierarchies and family relationships, suspicion of outsiders, rules of conformity, privileges of ruling families, involvement in other people’s business such as love and courtship, etc. Do some of these conventions seem strange to you? Explain.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What voice is the story told in? How does that fit with the above? What is the relationship between Emily and the town? 3. Describe the relationship between Emily and her father. How does that impact the plot? 4. Do you think that Emily and Homer consummated their relationship? Why would Faulkner leave this unresolved? How has the attitude of the community affected her actions? 5. Speculate on the symbolism of the black butler as the only one who knows the whole story and facilitates Emilys insanity. 6. What would your punishment be for Emily, if she were still alive? What role does love play? Or is it something other than love? 7. Why might it be said that this is not a love story, but an allegory about the South? Would this story be as credible in another setting, like New England? 2...
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CMP 125 Points Faulkner-Rose - 2. What voice is the story...

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