CMP 125 Points Hurston Sweat

CMP 125 Points Hurston Sweat - references, in the text....

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CMP 125 M. Amato Thinking/Talking/Writing Points Hurston “Sweat” 1. How would you describe Sykes? What factors contribute to his personality and actions? 2. What function does the porch community play? How do the men on the porch further your understanding of Delia and Sykes and the relationship between them? 3. What is Sykes’s real objection to Delia’s work? Find a reference in the text to support your answer. 4. What does the snake symbolize? (Hint : think the bible) 5. To what extent is Delia responsible for Sykes’s death? To what extent is he responsible? 6. Reciprocity is the balancing of one action with another. Find reciprocal passages, or
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Unformatted text preview: references, in the text. (OVER) 7. Do you consider Delia immoral? Why or why not? 8. How does Delias Christianity help her to get through the torment of Sykes? Find the reference. 9. Delia is a religious woman, but her hatred of Sykes is also her tragedy. Explain. 10. How is this a feminist story? Find references in the text. 11. What could be the symbolism of the rising sun at the end of the story? 12.How is the ending ironic? (Hint : What is Sykess final vision?) 2...
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CMP 125 Points Hurston Sweat - references, in the text....

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