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CMP 125 Points Wolff Rich Bro.

CMP 125 Points Wolff Rich Bro. - about how he spends his...

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CMP 125 M. Amato Thinking/Talking/Writing Points Wolff “The Rich Brother” 1. Pete, the older brother, seems to accept the fact that he is his brother’s keeper. What famous story in the Bible concerns brothers? Who said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” 2. Pete’s analysis of the real issue between him and Donald is one of prosperity. Do you agree? Why or why not? 3. What do you think is Pete’s motivation for constantly bailing out Donald? How would you feel about a sibling like Donald? What would you do in Pete’s situation? 4. In par. 25 the author gives us insight into the lifestyle of the farm. How does he do this, and does it influence your opinion of Donald, or cause you to be judgmental? 5. Do you think Donald is totally irresponsible? Does he consciously rely on Pete to get him out of trouble? Is he resentful of Pete? What evidence do you have? 6. Do you think Pete is too materialistic? What do you think about Donald questioning him
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Unformatted text preview: about how he spends his money? Does this make Donald the judgmental one? Find evidence in the text to indicate this. (OVER) 7. How do you interpret the different memories of Donald’s operation and the relationship between the brothers while he is recovering? How do you think it affects their relationship now? 8. What is your first reaction to the stranger the brothers meet in the restaurant? Would you give him a ride? 9. Is Pete justified in being angry over the $100? Why or why not? 10. How does Donald attempt to cast himself as the one bestowing forgiveness? Is this genuine? 11. Do you think Pete will turn back for his brother? What would be his motivation for doing so? Why might he not do so? Would you? 12. Which brother grabs your sympathy? Which is the “rich” brother? Defend your position. 2...
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CMP 125 Points Wolff Rich Bro. - about how he spends his...

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