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CMP 125-Hardin - Lifeboat Ethics(1)

CMP 125-Hardin - Lifeboat Ethics(1) - manage the...

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CMP125 Talking/Discussion Points M. Amato Moralist Method of Argumentation Hardin – “Lifeboat Ethics” (402) 1. What is Hardin’s tone in the first paragraph? 2. Is the reference to the United Nations as “merely a toothless tiger” valid? Why or why not? 3. Can you agree to Hardin’s lifeboat metaphor in para. 4 to describe the state of affairs for both rich and poor? Is it too simplistic? What does he assume about human nature? 4. What is “the tragedy” and what is “the commons” in what Hardin calls “The tragedy of the commons”? 5. In the section “Adrift in a Moral Sea” Hardin expands his metaphor. Are there any other options for the people in the lifeboat? 6. Hardin alludes to the need for a “responsible system of control” (para. 17) to
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Unformatted text preview: manage the population/poverty situation. What kind of system could make this possible? 7. Why does he think the World Food Bank would aggravate the problem of food shortages and overpopulation? 8. What is Hardin’s view on population growth versus available resources? 9. Where would Hardin’s immigration position place him today? How would he respond to the current situation? 10. How is this a ‘moral’ argument? What is the source of Hardin’s moral base? 11. Do you agree with his assessment of human nature? 12. Are you surprised at his promoting a world government to deal with these issues? Do you think this would lead to the desired results? Why or why not?...
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