CMP125 Points Jones -Violent Media is Good for Kids

CMP125 Points Jones -Violent Media is Good for Kids -...

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CMP125 Research Writing M. Amato Talking/Discussion Points Jones “Violent Media is Good For Kids” It is a common idea that violent television and computer/internet games are not useful in the development of children. It is commonly understood that children will copy the very types of violence toward others that they take in repeatedly through too much exposure to these types of entertainment. Jones takes another view. Let’s take a look at the structure of his essay and determine its effectiveness. 1. What is Jones’ claim (thesis)? 2. Identify the warrants that carry the argument. 3. Identify the ground (support). What type of arguments does he use to support his
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Unformatted text preview: position (personal examples, facts, statistics, etc.)? How effective is this support? 4. Did he use rebuttals (counterarguments)? Do you think for this argument it is necessary? Why or why not? 5. What is the tone? What type of emotional wording is used? What is the overall effect on the essay? 6. What is his credibility on the topic? Is it helpful in the argument? 7. What position do you take? What is your opinion based on the arguments that you read? Does Jones change your opinion on the topic of violent media for children? 8. What are the weaknesses/strengths of this argument?...
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CMP125 Points Jones -Violent Media is Good for Kids -...

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