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CMP125 Sanda Sp12 - CMP125 Research Writing Spring 12...

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CMP125 Research Writing Spring ’12 This class will provide students with an introduction to the process of library research and correctly documented writing. It emphasizes the refinement of critical reading, thinking, and writing strategies that will enable students to build on their own knowledge and ideas by reading and integrating multiple sources in an academic format. Objective This course aims to teach students to formulate manageable essay topics, develop argumentative theses, and effectively use research to develop their own ideas. Specific goals include the following: Write research papers that are originally conceived, substantially developed, logically argued, stylistically refined, and correctly documented, Develop a sense of an academic voice, an awareness of what readers already know about a topic, and a sensitivity towards differing audience opinions, Expand and enhance analytical and critical reading, thinking, and writing skills, Analyze student compositions in a sophisticated manner, and Prepare research projects using the full range of print and electronic resources. Required Text Barnet, Sylvan, and Hugo Bedau. Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins. Seventh Edition, 2011. ISBN: 10:0-312-60160-3/13-978-0-312-60160-7 Hacker, Diana, and Nancy Sommers. A Pocket Style Manual. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins, Sixth Edition, 2012. ISBN: 978-0-312—54254-2 Course Outline 1 Instructor: Mary Amato Email: 609-896-5145 Office Hours: By Appointment Turnitin username: 4611907 (H3) 4611913 (I4) Password: thinkclearly Paper Due Dates Paper #1 2/17 2-4 pgs Paper #2 3/02 3-4 pgs Paper #3 3/30 4-5 pgs Paper #4 5/01 3-4 pgs Grading 1. 2-4 page paper 10% 2. 3-4 page paper 15% 3. 3-4 page research paper 20% 4. 4-5 page paper 20% Documentation exercises (4) 10% In class Summaries (5% each)   15% Attendance, quizzes, participation 10%
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You are responsible for all reading and writing assignments and preparation for class discussion. Prepare for unannounced quizzes on the readings. The purpose of the quiz is to determine if you have read and understood the material. Unless otherwise noted, all readings are in Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing (page numbers follow each title). Other readings are posted in Content on Bb as PDF files. Please print them out and bring to class. Note : Assignments are due on the day they are listed. Week 1 T 1/24 Introductions. Syllabus, plagiarism & attendance policy; turnitin; Blackboard & PDFs; Flashdrive. Th 1/26 Due: Schulman, “Letting Go” (PDF). F 1/27 Due: Read summary (126-128). Week 2 Summary/Analysis - Paper #1 T 1/31 Due: Review Barnet Ch.2 (32-72), A Checklist for Getting Started (48).
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CMP125 Sanda Sp12 - CMP125 Research Writing Spring 12...

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