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Nayef Jaber Period 6 05/09/11 The article Japan islanders oppose proposed nuclear plant, year after year, was written on May 5 th 2011 and it can be found on the LA time’s website. The article is about the Japanese people in general. It was written about city of Iwaishima, Japan. The article relates to what we are learning in class because it is about one of the adverse effects of the Manhattan Project. Nuclear plant companies want to build a new reactor in the city of Iwaishima, to use to for a new source of energy. The residents think that a new plant will threaten their way of life and the Inland Sea, a national park is known as Japan’s Galapagos due to its variety of sea life, due to human error or other natural disasters. On March 11 th 2011 a magnitude 9 earthquake hits creating a tsunami, which damages the cooling system of a nuclear power plant in Fukuchima causing it to explode. This causes a temporary pause in the construction of the new plant after local officials expressed concern. Utility officials assure
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Unformatted text preview: the public that to build a new nuclear power plant in Iwaishima. Residents don’t want another incident, like the one at Fukuchima, to happen in their town. This article is important because it shows that even if countries use the results of The Manhattan Project for a good reason, like to get energy, something bad happens when nuclear material is involved. With all of our technology, and safety regulations we still can’t predict when and where a natural disaster will occur, or how we can protect against it. When the tsunami hit Japan no one expected the reactor to blow due to its faulty safety mechanism. Our dependence on technology has stopped humans from remembering that we all started with just the Earth and forgot about how the Earth can get passed all of our security. Building more plants even after the first one blew is a mistake on Japan because it was proved that with their technology something can still badly damage it....
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