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Political Cartoon Seven 4-28-11

Political Cartoon Seven 4-28-11 - Nayef Jaber Period 6 1...

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Nayef Jaber Period 6 04/28/11 1) Where did you find your political cartoon? I found this cartoon at http://www.politicalcartoons.com/cartoon/8bf27c89-eb3c-4fe9-a48b- 5ca2aa21a28b.html . It was created by Cardow on 4/28/11. 2) What do you see in the picture? In this picture Kaddafi, the leader of Libya, and Assad, the leader of Syria, have blood shirts and are standing together. 3) Locate, list and explain words, phrases or symbols used by the cartoonist to identify objects, people and the meaning of the cartoon. The cartoonist used the sunglasses to show Kaddafi and a shirt that says Assad’s name to identify him. Their shirts are stained with blood and that shows that there is violence behind the two of them. 4) Describe the action or “general message” taking place in the cartoon? The general message in this picture is that even if Kaddafi’s reign of terror comes to an end there will still be other dictators in the world that will follow his example.
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