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Unformatted text preview: Bi-Weekly Political Cartoon Assignments: • Assignments must be neatly typed. • Assignments must have all 6 questions typed and answered in full sentences. • Political cartoons may be found online or drawn individually by students. Some Websites include: 2) 4) • 1) 3) 5) • Political Cartoon assignments may replace/substitute regular Current Event assignments. • By the end of the semester, students must have at least 3 Political Cartoon and 3 Current Event assignments. Questions: 1) Where did you find your political cartoon? (Date & Source) 2 points 2) What do you see in the picture? 2 points 3) Locate, list and explain words, phrases or symbols used by the cartoonist to identify objects, people and the meaning of the cartoon. (political, economic, military) 2 points 4) Describe the action or “general message” taking place in the cartoon? 3 points 5) What special interest groups would agree/disagree with the cartoon’s message? Why? 3 points 6) Do you think the political cartoon is meaningful and/or serves a general purpose? (Specific historical event) Explain why or why not with relation to class. 3 points ...
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