Alzheimer's Chart What it means to me 2-09-2011

Alzheimer's Chart What it means to me 2-09-2011 - say or...

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ALZHEIMER’S NORMAL LIFE Memory loss and forgetting recently learned information. Sometimes forgetting names and important dates but remembering them later. Having trouble following a recipe or keeping track of monthly payments. Making occasional errors when balancing a check book. Difficulty with familiar tasks at home, at work, or at leisure. Occasionally needing help recording a TV show or setting the microwave. Losing track of dates, seasons, and time. Forgetting what day it is and remembering it later on. Having vision problems like the judge of distance and color, also having trouble reading. Vision changed from cataracts. Stopping in a conversation without knowing what to
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Unformatted text preview: say or they might repeat themselves. Having trouble finding the right word in a conversation. Putting things in unusual places and forgetting where the places were. Forgetting where you put a thing from time to time They might make bad decisions when dealing with money and now knowing when they are untidy. Making a bad choice every once in a while. Start removing themselves from work, hobbies, and other social activities. Sometimes feeling too lazy to work or do something. Mood swings, one second they can be happy and another they can get angry. Developing a certain routine to do something and getting mad when it is disrupted....
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