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Alzhemer's treatment ancd cures 2-12-2011

Alzhemer's treatment ancd cures 2-12-2011 - days to a...

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DIAGNOSES Alzheimer’s can be diagnosed through a history and physical exam by a skilled doctor or nurse. Some test that can be used to see if this is dementia or if the conditions are making it worse include: Thyroid disease a) A condition that impairs your thyroid gland which takes in iodine from food and converts it into hormones like thyroxin (T4) and triiodothyrone(T3) Vitamin deficiency Brain tumor Stroke Intoxication from medication Chronic infection a) A Chronic infection is an acute infection that can last from
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Unformatted text preview: days to a lifetime. • Anemia a) A condition when you’r blood has a lower than normal count of red blood cells. • Severe depression CURE INFORMATION There are no cures for Alzheimer’s but the goals for treating it are: • Slow the progression of the disease • Manage the behavioral problems and: a) Confusion b) Sleep problems c) Agitation • Modify the home environment • Support family members and other caregivers...
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