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DOWNS “FORMAL” LABORATORY REPORT FORMAT This laboratory report will have five sections. Write or print neatly and use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Technical writing is done in the “third person” objective voice. Use the chemistry vocabulary that we have been developing. Heading Experiment Title Name (Group or Individual) Date Period Part 1 INTRODUCTION State hypothesis to be investigated Part 2 EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES List equipment Be specific Diagrams are useful Part 3 PROCEDURE Summarize/Paraphrase Sequential list
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Unformatted text preview: • Keep it clear Part 4 DATA AND OBSERVATIONS • Original Data o Facts (no inference or interpretation) o Attach data sheet to report Part 5 ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSIONS • Answer the questions posed in the laboratory handout. Attach to report. o Calculate results; Show your work; Give equations; Plug and Chug. • Consider sources of error. • In your report (not the handout), state “Conclusion” in terms of Hypothesis. o Did the hypothesis prove to be valid or invalid o Cite your data to back up your conclusion...
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