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Bell hooks Essay - terrorism” will remain in society D I think that some parts of this statement is true however hooks’ opinion is that all

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Nayef Jaber Period 5 02-06-2012 INTRODUCTION A. Almost $75 million is spent each year by Child and Family Services for adoption services for children who feel unsafe in their current surroundings. B. hooks argues that if you abuse your children then you do not love them. C. I partially agree with hooks however I still feel that children should be disciplined but it nonviolent ways. PARAGRAPH ONE A. Child abuse and discipline are two different things but the lines between them are crossed all the time. B. In hooks’ essay she states, “One of the most important social myths we must debunk if we are to become a more loving is the one that teaches parents that abuse and neglect can coexist with love.” C. hooks is saying that as long as Americans, and future and current parents worldwide. Abuse their kids and assume that it is showing love then this so called “intimate
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Unformatted text preview: terrorism” will remain in society. D. I think that some parts of this statement is true, however hooks’ opinion is that all forms of physical violence are forms of abuse is incorrect. E. Sometimes hitting a child, although there are better ways to deal with them, is a valid way to get the child in check. F. Although hooks makes a valid statement that there can be other forms of punishment I don’t agree that every form of hitting a child is abuse. PARAGRAPH TWO A. Abuseing children causes them to grow up dysfunctional B. Quote about how children end up from hooks C. Partially agree not all children become dysfunctional D. Sometimes children recover CONCLUSION A. hooks ideas are are tangible but have flaws B. Better forms of discipline then hitting C. A change in discipline will be beneficial for everyone...
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