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Nayef Jaber Period 4 09/20/2011 The Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch will catch your eye from the first chapter and keep you reading cover to cover. This science fiction novel takes place around January 20 th 2010, in New Jersey and the fictitious Imagination Nation. In this attention-grabbing novel you will experience Jack Blank’s life as he finds out he is far from normal. The novel opens on young Jack Blank, an orphan at St. Barnaby’s, who is hiding from the evil Mrs. Theedwheck so he doesn’t have to clean while left behind from another school field trip. Eventually, Mrs. Theedwheck finds Jack and forces his to clean the basement of the orphanage, and while cleaning Jack gets attacked by a mysterious Robo-Zombie, from one of his comic books, which chases Jack to the generator powering the school and suddenly blows up taking the along generator with it. When the school gets back from the field trip and finds that the generator has been blown up they immediately blame Jack, as he is getting into trouble a
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