Book Review Two 11-28-11

Book Review Two 11-28-11 - Nayef Jaber Period 4 Just like a...

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Unformatted text preview: Nayef Jaber Period 4 11-25-2011 Just like a chameleon blending into its surroundings to hide from potential predators the protagonists in Charles R. Smith Jr novel Chameleon have to blend in daily to survive the Crip and Piru infested city of Compton. Shawn is a typical teenager who spends him summer playing basketball with his friends Lorenzo, Trent, and Andrew facing the daily conflict of girls and gangs in the Crip and Piru infested city or Compton. The boys have to go through daily color checks to make sure that they are not sporting any gang related color, red or blue, to be sure that they won’t be assaulted, and find that Shawn is wearing red, the Piru color, shorts and they shrug it off and go to a park in the neutral zone, where Crips and Pirus usually don’t fight, and get assaulted by the Crips over the red shorts. The next day Shawn see’s Marisol, the girl he has been crushing on for a few years, at the Chili Pot, a popular restaurant in Compton, and when he goes to talk to her his friends give...
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