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Committe on Public Information speech-WW1 11-15-2011

Committe on Public Information speech-WW1 11-15-2011 -...

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Nayef Jaber Period 5 11-15-2011 The Central Powers are desperate but the Allies have got what it takes to defeat the enemy at all costs. The Central Powers had resumed unrestricted submarine warfare against Allied merchant ships in hopes of ending the war before American involvement. This proved to be successful for a shirt time until the Allies employed convoys to provide mutual safety to both Allied warships and Allied merchant ships. Germany’s attempt to win a cheap victory by use of their U-boats was a grave miscalculation on their part. As a result, Germany is now facing American ground troops on the Western Front. As American troops landed the already tiring German army became already knew that they had lost. They had thought that because their war on the Eastern Front was over they can
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Unformatted text preview: quickly win the war on the Western Front before we landed. Alvin York of Tennessee, his courage at the battle at the Meuse Argonne region of France helps us take the German position against amazing odds. Because of hero’s like Alvin, the German army because demoralized while the freshly manned Allied forces regain moral to continue the fight. Because of American help in the war the German and Austria-Hungarian army lost their will to fight. This mentally crippled the Central army because they tired of fighting and now that there are new faces in the fight they lost all hope they have of wining. The loss of their will to fight was their crippling blow. Without the crippling effect the American soldiers brought mentally to the war the Central powers would still be into the fight....
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