Current event eight 10-25-2011

Current event eight 10-25-2011 - influence will be running...

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Nayef Jaber Period 5 10-25-11 I. Ohio II. Columbus III. North America IV. Indiana and West Virginia V. ‘Joe the Plumber’ launches congressional bid VI. A. Launched his campaign for Congress in Ohio on Tuesday night. B. Running as a Republican in Ohio’s 9 th U.S. House district. C. Running because he has seen too many people forced out of their homes and leave because of the economy. D. Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, said that politicians patch problems instead of fixing them and said, “I’m not the kind of plumber who uses duct tape.” E. Although he despises Democrats and Republicans he’s running as a republican because he thinks he has no chance if he runs as an independent. VII. This is significant because someone who does not have power of political
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Unformatted text preview: influence will be running for Congress. If he wins now more and more people who are regular “Joes” will run for political seats thinking that they are helping the nation. This has the chance to negatively affect our country. If we have people with no experience about being in power, who say that they are running because they know what the average person feels like, making decisions they could affect everyone. Then there is the chance that they will undermine the government. An already weakening government does not need untrained hands running it. What we need are people with the money and power to get things done in charge....
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