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Nayef Jaber Period 5 09-10-11 I. Pennsylvania II. Harrisburg III. North America IV. New York and Ohio V. United 93 Families Dedicate Sept. 11 Memorial VI. A. Vice President Biden, and former Presidents Clinton and Bush honor passengers and crew of United 93. B. Clinton compared them to the 300 Greek warriors who fought the Persian army. C. Vice President Biden said that the war on terror was “declared” in the skies of Pennsylvania. D. A visitor center will be built as a memorial on the crash site. E. The crash site was declared a National Park.
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Unformatted text preview: VII. This is a significant article because the people who sacrificed their lives in order to stop the plane are being remembered. Even after the events of September 11 have passed the people who had died are recognized as heroes. This is one honor that the families of the victims of United 93. The families of the passengers and crew of United 93 can rest assured that our country has not forgotten their sacrifice on that tragic day....
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