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Current event nine 10-25-2011 - VII This is significant...

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Nayef Jaber Period 5 11-08-11 I. Virginia II. Washington D.C. III. North America IV. North Carolina and West Virginia V. Justices to decide police use of GPS devices on suspects’ cars VI. A. Government agents used a GPS to track a suspect around the clock in order to get evidence to convict him of drug trafficking. B. The Supreme Court is deciding if this is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. C. A majority of justices say that officers should have gotten a search warrant before placing the GPS. D. His is a case because Supreme Court officials are worried that this will affect them personally. E. This case in in court and a ruling on it is expected by spring 2012.
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Unformatted text preview: VII. This is significant because if this is passed many Americans will lose their privacy. The government will be able to watch all of your actions without you knowing about it. This will give the government total information about our lives violate our Fourth Amendment rights. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unwarranted search and seizures from law enforcement officials. GPS tracking is the same because we will be followed watched without our knowledge. Although this will help law enforcement officials find and capture criminals faster, normal Americans will have lost their privacy in the process....
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